Friday, 13 June 2014

The recent election results from Upper Canada

I do apologise for the language, but... it is an apt analysis of Ontario. This clearly demonstrates why democracy is a flawed system, just as Aristotle and all the other great writers of political philosophy demonstrated:


I mean seriously. They gained seats. The bloody bastards won a majority. The scheming, lying, corrupt and incompetent bastards won again. Again. Four straight times. The McGuinty-Wynne have won four straight governments. That's Bill Davis territory. Good God what do these people have to do to lose an election? How damn stupid is the electorate of this province? Good Fucking God!
There's no subtle analysis here. This is sheer brazen stupidity. And you know what the pundits have been saying? Tim Hudak leaned too far to the Right? So naturally the ninnies in the PC Party Establishment will interpret this as the need for moderation. Tim is done. That's understood. His successor is likely to be a John Tory clone. Heck if Tory loses the mayoralty, pretty much a certainty at this point, there will likely be a draft John movement. 
Why? Because the only people dumber than the electorate are the people who run the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. 
The problem wasn't that Hudak leaned to the Right, it's that he leaned to the Right too late. The electorate knew nothing about him except that he wanted to fire people. 
Still Good Fucking God people are stupid.

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