Sunday, 23 March 2014

Crisis in the Crimea

First I shall apologize to my non-existent followers for the long hiatus. I quite simply lost a few things and could not figure out how to log back in. From now on you may expect intermittent posting.

In regards to the recent issues in the Crimean peninsula I must say it has turned out far better than I expected, I was honestly anticipating more in the way of out and out war by this point.

Canada's Prime Minister Harper continues to loudly bang the drums  but considering the severe defence cuts he has presided over to a military which was never particularly well funded in the first place I don't think we can take him very seriously at all. That is the problem, Canadians love to pontificate but are unwilling to actually invest the money to ensure they have a serious military capability. Soft power shall always need hard power to back it up. I really do think Harper is just trying to appeal to the Ukrainian vote in the Prairies he is responsible for ensuring Canada does not have the capability to truly be an influence anyway.

Things essentially went the way I had anticipated them although I am a little surprised that the Russians chose to annex the Crimean Peninsula outright, I was somewhat anticipating the establishment of a nominally sovereign state, as the Turks and Armenians have done, or for that matter as the Russians have supported in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but instead they have chosen to incorporate it all directly into the Russian Federation. I think we should remember that Putin is not some evil genius, he is really just reacting and attempting to salvage what he can of the Ukraine's attempt to pull out of Russia's sphere of influence.

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