Thursday, 10 November 2011

Belated Centennial Celebrations!

I had originally intended to create this blog last year as part of an attempt to celebrate the centennial of the publication of Stephen Leacock’s comic masterpiece Literary Lapses. Evidently I did not get around to it, and that example of procrastination is a fairly good indication for gentle reader to recognise that I shall doubtless post on this blog infrequently at best. The overriding purpose of this web log is of course to celebrate the writings and thought of Stephen Leacock, one of the greatest writers that the British Empire has ever produced and most definitely the finest writer that the Dominion of Canada ever had. Aside from that I hope to give my thoughts on world events or anything else that catches my fancy.

The name of this blog is of course an homage to the alliterative titles used for so many of Stephen Leacock’s humorous works.  

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